Open your e-clinic today and connect your patient with doctors of all specialities

Join hands with latest technology and reach Beyond the Boundaries

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Start Consultation with the Best Doctors From Anywhere in the World.

Get access to the best healthcare services from anywhere in the globe. Get the benefits of tele health and tele medicine with our specialised remote healthcare services.

Now health service is at your fingertip

Our telemedicine platform facilitates interaction between doctor and patient with our digital telemedicine technology

Tele-Consultation for all

Digital Healthcare Platform

Our digital healthcare platform provides a collaborative healthcare ecosystem to manage all aspects of healthcare by engaging all healthcare participants.

We provide customized and end-end solution to all your healthcare needs

Improve Health with reduced cost

Our digital healthcare platform helps you to improve healthcare practices and provides quality services at lesser cost.

With the help of clinical data, healthcare provider can increase quality care and improve patient outcomes

Provide access to Remote patients

With the help of  healthcare platform, healthcare consumers  can get access to expertise regardless of geographical location.

You can book appointment , order medicines , schedule tests for yourself and for family. We help you to maintain Electronic Health Records


Our Mission

Upgrading the healthcare and personal care & wellness with digital healthcare platforms are our dedicated mission and objectives.

We are the only healthcare platform in providing upgraded medical and healthcare technologies, products and services that are easy and convenient to use, they improve the quality of life for people of all ages, giving customers good health and personal care that are easily available to all people, anytime and anywhere


Our Vision

Healthcare is the vital pillars of our society and we are dedicated to improve Access to Quality Medical Care through Advanced Technologies envisions to bring advance, creative and reliable Healthcare Technology and Solutions that positively transform the healthcare, personal care by enhancing the quality of life for everyone that embrace health and life to the fullest.


Patients can now get healthcare provider at their doorsteps. They can consult their doctors online from the comfort of their rooms, get lab test samples collected, get medicines delivered to their homes, all at the click of a button.

For Patients

-Immediate access to Health care specialists 
-Digitally maintain personal health record
-Book online appointments to doctors and have video consultations
-Lab to collect samples for lab tests ordered by the doctor
-Medicines delivered to your home based on the prescription by the doctor
-Saves time traveling
-No need to take leave from work
-Access your records anytime from anywhere

For Doctors

-Have video consultations with patients with your convenience
-Better Decision Making
-Analysis of stored data increases the practice efficiency
-Better follow up of a patients
-Can get a second opinion immediately for better diagnosis and management
-Revenue is increased by reaching out to many patients.
-Generate lab tests order online and get reports online
-Generate prescription orders online

For Labs and Pharmacies

-Get online generated orders for lab tests and medicines
-Labs can collect samples from patient’s home upload and store reports online
-Pharmacies can deliver medicines to patients doorstep

-Increase in revenue

-Better management

-Access data from anytime, anywhere

-Easy & fast billing


To start your E-Clinic, Contact us today!

Advantages of starting E-Clinic!
Telemedicine e-clinic

-Start your multispeciality hospital 
-Build your brand
-Serve the people and create your identity
-Connect with other specialist doctors
-Build your network
-Create income source

To start your E-Clinic, Contact us today!

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