With the increase in care management, most of the organizations have employed Telehealth  Technology to engage the patients which is the key element in encouraging the positive behavior of the patients. Telehealth goes beyond geographical location and physical barriers that give power to the patients to access healthcare services.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth delivers health related services  through digital platform such as video conferencing, remote patient monitoring. Most of these platform, you can use it at home at your convenience such as computer, laptop and smart phones

It reduce the hustle of  going to doctor visit. You can access health services from anywhere, whenever you are in need. Anyone can benefit from this digital services.

Telehealth benefits to patients:

Online appointments :

A person with physical disability or a person living in remote areas may not be able to meet doctors in-person, in this case there is a need of online appointment which are online sessions with the doctors that can take place through online video conferencing. It allows patients to receive care from doctors via digital platform. This services are more beneficial to the patients with minor illness.

Through online consultation, you can notify the doctors the symptom you have been experiencing and your doctor can prescribe you medicine online.

Remote Monotoring :

The patients with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes requires frequent monitoring which can be stressful the patients. With the help of digital platform, your healthcare team can monitor you remotely.

Patients can upload their vitals online allowing the doctor access to the information. This can help to your doctor to determine your health condition.

Patient portal :

It is the safest and secure way to communicate with your doctor than other mode of communication such as emails. E-mail is not the preferred way of communication with the doctors especially about private medical information. A portal is a secure way of communication with the healthcare providers whenever you need, prescription, diagnosis and schedule appointment.

You can easily contact your doctors through  online portal without visiting doctor’s office.  It is the single point of communication between patients and specialist healthcare providers as it simplifies the access to healthcare services.

To grow the practice, it is essential to keep patients engaged remotely


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