Digital healthcare technology will change the healthcare ecosystem. Change is always necessary for the lifestyle improvement. Change is good and has developed the world into what is it today.

With the increase in usage of healthcare technology, there is no need of in-person regular visits to the doctors. But obviously people needs doctors help and physical presence in emergency. Telemedicine is not replacement for the emergency visits. There is no need of fear for individual practitioner.

High Medical Cost

In IPD and ICU, there is too much cost involved even if there is no activity. This results in staff higher salaries and therefore increased in cost. To maintain this high cost, you need the patients in IPD and ICU.

Electronic Health Records

Through smart devices, we are monitoring ourselves on daily basis. The younger generation is more connected to the world and more accessible to data.

They need to access more data at the secure interface. All these things are great for healthcare fields where data privacy is more secure.

They can access their Electronic Health Records(HER) from anywhere and anytime. This is the biggest advantage for the healthcare technology.

Telemedicine and online visits

Telemedicine and online visits will continue to grow in near future due to independence and convenience. There are no geographical boundaries for the healthcare professionals and for the patients. It can be access from anywhere and anytime. The patients in the remote locations can receive quality health care

Proper application of telemedicine will increase the relationship of doctors and patients. In the event of non-emergency, patient is more likely to seek online visits by scheduling online appointment instead of time consuming in-person visits.

There is a need of easy access to the doctors in case the patient needs a help in non-life  threatening treatment through video call or online visits The new change in healthcare technology encourage us to grow mentally and physically. Digital healthcare technology will stay here and we need to adopt and partner with the technology. This can help us to achieve our various objectives.


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