Telehealth services demand is increasing across the country as health providers and patients have limits their in person visits. Due to increase in corona virus like diseases, stay home is safe and recommended when seeking non-urgent care. This prevents the spread of infectious disease and patients need not to care about getting infected.

Healthcare providers are also trying to reduce the risk of exposure by consulting patients remotely. They can stay at home without shutting down their practice.

New era of Virtual care :

Due to corona virus pandemic, there is a decrease in revenue of the hospitals as patients choose to forgo routine and preventive care. Many of the appointments can be scheduled virtually without losing the quality of the care. Patients can easily access the healthcare service from anywhere without keeping their foots inside the hospitals, thus there is a reduction in chances of infection.

Due to recent policy changes, many healthcare providers are considering the telehealth services as their preferred mode of quality care.

Insurance will be reimbursed at the same rate for virtual care as they would for in-person consultation.

New trend is here to stay :

Patients can quickly access their quality care virtually. They don’t need to put their health at risk, long waiting time or arranging the things to reach doctor’s clinic. Telehealth gives more freedom to the patients to access the service from anywhere of the place. There is no geographical limitation for the patient care. Everyone with the access of internet connection can stay in touch with doctors for quality care.

With the increase in adoption of telehealth services by the healthcare provider, there will be more changes in nations health system.

Patients can easily schedule online appointments,  online prescription, access health records and consult with experienced doctors without leaving their home. We may see more patients are accessing healthcare services from home without physical visiting to the hospital.

Patient Centric approach :

If you are worried about patient centric approach for your facility, you can consideroptimizing telehealth services. Look for the ways to adopt latest technologies, while keeping eye on the latest trend in telehealth.

With the patient centric approach to care, patients can enjoy all the comforts of virtual care. They can store and access records from anywhere and update their information. Make sure your telehealth programme is easy to use to for healthcare provider and patients, you can get it from


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